Additional Resources

Below are some books, articles, and resources we have benefited from as a church

  • T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution

    "Ying Kai and his wife Grace, Chinese–American Southern Baptist missionaries, developed the outreach and church planting program that they called Training for Trainers or T4T as a means of addressing the overwhelming challenge of an unreached people group numbering tens of millions of lost souls. Rather than simply doing evangelism, or discipleship, or church planting, the Kais felt led of God to train multiplying generations of national partners who in turn would train generations of the same. 

    In T4T: A Discipleship Re–Revolution fellow–Baptist missionary and author Steve Smith captures the story, principles, and spirit of Ying Kai's T4T. Smith describes how God is at work in the fastest growing church–planting movement in the world today, and how its principles can be applied in your own ministry. T4T has already proven itself by adapting well to many other ministries, infusing them with reproducibility that enhances rather than competes with their own distinctive kingdom contribution."

  • Contagious Disciple making

    In Contagious Disciple Making, David Watson and Paul Watson map out a simple method that has sparked an explosion of homegrown churches in the United States and around the world. A companion to Cityteam's two previous books, Miraculous Movements and The Father Glorified, Contagious Disciple Making details the method used by Cityteam disciple-makers. This distinctive process focuses on equipping spiritual leaders in communities where churches are planted. Unlike many evangelism and church-growth products that focus on quick results, contagious disciple-making takes time to cultivate spiritual leadership, resulting in lasting disciple-making movements. Through Contagious Disciple Making readers will come to understand that a strong and equipped leader will continue to grow the church long after church planters move on to the next church.